The ‘’ANDANTE’’ collection is a result from an emotional state of the designer Dima Leu that derives from a new attitude towards everyday life through a slower and less frenetic workstyle. This allows him to observe things with a new perspective and savor the aspects of his work with a more mature consciousness.

In the search of the time that decelerates, the designer experiments by practicing classical music with a wrong tempo, slowing it down to the maximum in complex music construc'ons that allows him to listen more deeply and discover new sounds.

Dima Leu continues his constant research between two-dimensional and geometric constructions linked to the oriental cultures and the three-dimensionality of western tailoring, giving life to hybrid
silhouettes with soft volumes.

The collection displays some styles of luxury sportswear in a sophisticated key with a study on the hoodie that loses some parts of the pattern construction turning them into easy-to-use pieces. The outfits are composed in the lower part by trousers and shorts of various lengths and volumes.

Sustainability for the brand consists in creating quality garments that last over time and invite the consumer to make a more careful purchase. The collections are produced in Italy with Italian fabrics through collaborations with various local artisans.

The collaboration between the brand and the historical fabric manufacturer Marzotto continues this season, giving the designer the opportunity to access to the fabrics archive again. The brand, which has always been attentive to sustainability, this season creates an exclusive fabric together with the company, recovering yarns of old seasons in various colors that are intertwined with a colourful striped warp and a blue and powder pink yarn through a encounter between different textile weaves. The fabric is used in his raw version without using finishing touches, giving a more handcrafted aspect to the garments.