Federico Cina

Fall-Winter 2022/2023

"However, I remember that in those years, even between people like us, who were from a different world, there was this fantasy about dance halls, about these weird people who went dancing… it was a separate world, totally unknown, but precisely because it was unknown, it was extremely charming.”
-Massimo Vitali

Federico Cina presents his new autumn-winter 2022/2023 collection in a multifaceted and multiform narrative that reflects the equally varied and monumental essence of the subject: the dancing spaces, their kitsch design, the dance, the mess, the lights, the events such as “Miss Emilia”, dance competitions for elderly and children, and other occasions.

The title of the collection is Ball’Era ‘77”, inspired by the foundation in 1977 of the famous “Ca’ del Liscio” in Ravenna, a dance hall big as a stadium, which held about 3.000 people. A real revolution in the mass entertainment system.

Federico begins his research by looking into the photography book by Gabriele Basilico “Dancing in Emilia” (published in 1978). The images cross the Romagna countryside between dance floors and discos, to catch the new phenomenon of mass entertainment, significantly widespread through the Po valley.

“Ball’Era ‘77” represents the linguistic turning point towards the most pop and colorful world of Romagna. Federico interprets and reveals the true aspects about the era of dancing, about the mutual confrontation between people, where the two generations are co-present, the youngsters and the adults, girls and ladies. And everyone is united by the dress: everyone is dressed up to go dancing and gets ready to interpret the parts envisaged by the musical script that contemplates tested and shared figures and couple interactions.

The story of the collection is focused on the colours, on the dancing harmonies of the designer’s land of origin, between folklore and contemporaneity re interpreted according to the aesthetic canons of the brand.