Despite what germinal means, the name of the show is derived from which schoolbook about a mining city which is destroyed by a coal miners’ strike and the people wake up to a new world where the grass is green again, rising from the ashes of the destruction. This is where we find ourselves today in South Africa and in the world. We have gone through so much destruction but we area surviving, we’re hopeful. Much like the city, the collection is about renewal and freedom from the old and this is showcased by the use of the green and yellow, these are to symbolize victory.
That anyone watching this show will relate. It’s about wanting to get people feeling happy again, getting people to feel good about being on the streets and living again. Fashion has the potential to do that.
The collection is also about sustainability linked to durability. Fabrics such as denim and 100% cotton twill, strong textured fabrics are used to symbolise this. Most of the clothes in the collection are made to last. We kept the silhouettes unisex and keeping in the culture of being African through the use of the prints and that of the company, through the silhouettes. This is to show a sophisticated man in a sophisticated city.