Be back SS22 Jewelry Collection

Nothing of the collective unconscious of all the accumulated experience in the history of humanity has been lost. The collective unconscious contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind’s evolution born anew in the brain structure

The surprising landing of a lunar creature, a maze-like path of original knowledge of beauty… the sea, the sky, the landscapes, the red earth of bauxite and those precious magical objects with which humans adorn themselves, expressing vanity, status and identity.

The creations of the SS22 Be back Jewelry Collection by futuroRemoto, which Gianni De Benedittis will be presenting in the official calendar of the National Chamber of Fashion on  Friday 24 September 2021 from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., in the digital live directed by Stefania Rocca, are all pieces in silver and gold, designed in 3D and crafted by hand using the techniques of microcasting and pressing form, with experimental additions of ethical silver and gold, in the respect of the principle of sustainability.

All the pieces of jewellery in this collection are inspired by myths, not only as stories and legends, but also as invention, construction and a journey of renewed knowledge, perhaps also in the direction of a hoped-for return. And if opposites coincide, going forward can mean retrieving archetypes and myths from our past.

Ancient motifs of leaves, in the embossed decorations of the wide cuff bracelets, return on the small modules of the majestic breastplates, just as the timeless symbols of seashells and crowns mark the style of earrings and rings.

Lastly, the micro-sculptures of the pendants are a clear reference to the classics, illustrating the myths that have always made us dream, like Pegasus, the winged horse which, having sprung from the neck of the gorgon Medusa, by irony of the creative fate of Gianni De Benedittis, returns to the neck of the vainest women; or the god Hermes, the messenger of the gods who, with wings on his feet, can hopefully return to quickly bring us eagerly-awaited news and possibly transform into gold everything that he touches.

Be forward - Mechanic dream, the Digital Presentation of the collection directed by Stefania Rocca, featuring the very young actress Celeste Novembre, is like a highly-structured dream-like journey, where the young avatar, with an attitude of pure astonishment, from her first landing from outer space, makes her journey of knowledge going through important mythological identities, from the warrior mood of Athena, to the sensual one of Aphrodite, via the lunar one of Artemis.