“BULLET POINT” Spring Summer 2022

SSHEENA’s SS22 is a story of ambition and amnesia, in a smoky, oblique and
visionary mental territory, populated by people and objects that enchant, deceive and in the test of facts they are never what they seem. Illusions, perhaps. In this collection there is a fascination for uncertainty and for the suffused and fallacious atmospheres of Mulholland Drive by David Lynch, in a succession of clues that lead to no proof, and therefore to no solution.

Overlapping of planes and signs that become at the same time layering of languages and missteps. The deformation of garments and geometries is one of the objectives that guided Mandelli in her research. Fur transforms the checkered textures into black and white that define the accessories from a graphic and minimal element to a complex and jagged system. Shoes become smoky objects.
A chessboard that is altered and distorted even on dresses and suits. From a rigid grid it begins
to follow the shape of the body, producing movements unpredictably sensual and sexual.

Sexuality that is underlined and told also in the most sculptural part of the collection, with cuts and openings that show the body and skin in frames of contrasting colors, creating short circuits of eroticism and lightness. Knitwear and jersey on the contrary are soft, embrace the body and envelop it languidly, emphasizing the silhouettes instead of revealing the flesh.