The Bridge

The Bridge is a journey spanning fifty years. In 1969 five Florentine entrepreneurs in their early twenties began their adventure in a suburban basement. Through the vintage and slightly grunge moods of its collections, it bonds a contemporary audience of young urban bohemians to the Florence of the 70s, the destination of baby boomers who hitchhiked across Europe. Rooted in the Tuscan artisan crafting and its tanning tradition, The Bridge has always used ‘full grain’ leather only, the most valuable top part of the hide that is softer to the touch but also more resistant to scratches. Still today the hides are tanned with a centuries-old natural technique using only vegetable tannins to preserve their transparency. They are then buffed by hand using amber rolls and take shape in the expert hands of Florentine artisans. All these choices contribute to the creation of a unique and distinctive product. Each bag is one-of-a-kind, a piece of life and a travel companion. Fads may come and go, but the natural elegance of The Bridge remains: classic, unmistakeable and timeless, always inseparably bound to an authentic and conscious lifestyle.