Spring / Summer 2022: PUNU & KASAI

A capsule that plays on chroma?c contrasts, very strong prints, shirts, soTened by plain suits in soT
coUons with a worn look. The exclusive decora?ons developed in light coUons and impalpable
fabrics sublimate the genderless shirts and suits, telling a story that is a cultural bridge between
the two con?nents. The designs interpret a mixture of ethnic meanings, to show how the union of
diversi?es can lead to a new aesthe?c and func?onal concept. The "Bird of Paradise"
personaliza?on’s decor combine the passport mask, the brand's logo and reveal the origin of the
person who created it. The "Bird of Paradise" flower - present in important and Greek ceremonies
is reminiscent of Kasai Velvet, a tradi?onal Congolese fabric. The "Elephant Royal" theme is the allover
of an elephant mask of different sizes inspired by “art nouveau” graphics. Each fantasy -
exclusive and personalized - awakens echoes of African tradi?ons both in terms and in colors, very
strong and extraordinarily energe?c.
The Kasaï capsule evokes the “Velours du Kasaï” fabric with geometric paUerns from the province
of Kasaï (Congo). The prints, the spearhead of the Zenam universe, reproduce these decora?ons in
a revisited tone. They are found on light and fresh fabrics such as crisp poplin and flowing coUons,
with which clothes have been made with an eccentric iden?ty in the simplicity of the forms and
transversal in the func?on of use. The use of strong colors for geometric shapes are ?nted on
poplin shirts and pants, or light coUons that can be absolutely unisex, tailored or broken. The more
feminine part is rather declined in versions with fluid tendency for a blouse, a blouse and a
summer jumpsuit, with the excep?on of the Kaba dress, in crisp poplin, a tribute to one of the
most tradi?onal dresses of the Cameroonian coast. Yellows, oranges and blues with a touch of teal
and military green are mixed indiscriminately in all prints to make the whole collec?on
combinable. To confirm the strong social component of Zenam, a suit, pants and a blazer were
created in a tradi?onal fabric from Burkina Faso: Faso Dan Fani (fabric of the homeland). The fabric
comes directly from a small company sponsored by the Ethical Fashion Ini?a?ve, a European Union
project for African designers and ar?sans.