Bayria Eyewear is a brand that was born in 2018, from the experience of Attilio Daniele, who has been operating in the eyewear field for years. The Bayria Eyewear concept is literally a tribute to the city of Bari, starting with the name itself - Bayria – which was attributed to the Apulian capital in ancient times. Bari is present everywhere in the collection: the city, nicknamed "the gateway to the East" is famous for the mixture of Art Nouveau and Oriental influences, which can be found everywhere, from the architecture of the buildings to the street furniture.

It is precisely this mix of extremely connotating influences, between stylistic avant-garde and tradition, which Bayria Eyewear brings back to eyewear. The series of glasses is a real tribute to the Apulian Art Noveau, in which Baroque and Oriental influences converge. Small characterizing details integrating perfectly in a contemporary language, with essential lines, where traditional techniques and advanced technologies converge. The new and the old come together in a collection with a sophisticated taste. Bayria Eyewear was born thanks to the desire of creating an original, aesthetically beautiful product, coming from design studios but at the same time of the highest quality and functionality. The founder, Attilio Daniele, worked for 40 years in the eyewear field. This background allowed him to study eyewear closely, observing the strategies of multinationals companies operating in the eyewear field. Glasses are part of the life of each of us: they define our face and our look, they are vectors of our personality. For this reason, the brand has tried to develop a line that was immediately connotating but at the same time extremely easy to wear.

The fil rouge of the collections is art, tout court. The first collection was completely inspired by the soul of Bari, starting from the logo displaying the design of the stylized mosaics present in the Basilica of San Nicola, up to the symbols of the city present in the models. Art was also a source of inspiration for the special edition which won in 2020 the coveted Graziella Pagni award for the design category: - To Lucio Fontana. This very special model was conceived as an engraved monolith, with an extremely defined and geometric shape, with a double rod that creates a play of light between glossy and opaque. It is a model made unique and refined by engravings in the plates. More precisely, the engravings are inspired by Fontana's art, in which the surface of the canvas itself, interrupting itself in reliefs and recesses, enters into a direct relationship with real space and light. The new collection pays homage to the elegant lines of the palaces of power that rise on the Bari waterfront, architectural examples of Italian rationalism, with a rigorous and linear geometry which, although obviously modern, is flanked by symmetrical and purely decorative elements of classical art.

A dichotomy that we find in the Bayria Eyewear series of glasses, in which the geometries and material effects define the shapes, made graceful by the expressive use of the workmanship and decorations.

For Bayria Eyewear, design and fashion are a universe to draw from to look to the future, but following the dictates of elegance and quality.

In addition to style and innovation, Bayria Eyewear's mission is sustainability: respect for the territory, the environment and, above all, human heritage. Bayria Eyewear is love for the environment: the cellulose acetate used is 80% virgin, produced using less solvents and lasting over time. The frames are produced in Italy in laboratories that guarantee ethical work and respect for the territory.