CONTRAST creates impact, HISTORY adds value, the CITY and the streets shape our designs, technique, RECOVER and precision are the foundation of it.

Marcello Pipitone was born in Milan, and grew up in the district Bonola. Although living in the suburbs and being surrounded by the grey city, the desire to break the pattern, add color and create something new was the real driving factor. An High School focused on art opened him the doors to the underground world of Milan, he started an immersion in the graffiti culture, the places such as the subway and also started experiencing Milanese night life.  One day after coloring some t-shirts he realizes that fashion design is his passion, and immediately enrolls in a fashion university of Milan. After studying he realize that each story has the value of bringing a memory with it and therefore also knowledge, our task is to recover as many intersting ''stories'' ( clothes ) as possibile, to bring them togheter in unique stories, translated into clothes, for a rebirth that will give them the final customer.