“A Silent Hug” represents a new beginning through the intrinsic values of ZEROBARRACENTO: made in Italy production and certified, high quality materials and functional design, presenting a silent luxury, soft and sharp  at the same time. A slow path from 0 to 100 that helps to make you feel special and intimately cuddled at every stage of your life. The volumes and the relaxed fit are well suited to a more complete outfit, created for a mood with a strong boost to comfort.

A clean canvas to experiment with to create novelties, from loose fits to new oversized proportions. Details focused on a timeless, high-quality design that works transeasonally. Minimalist silhouette, clean and sophisticated look, with soft yet captivating volumes. “A Silent Hug” conveys a sense of optimism and a desire to escape, indeed, ZEROBARRACENTO wants to offer an identity uniform , an armor of invincibility and protection, a product capable of embracing and accompanying those who choose it, adapting to the body, style and evolution of personality. A secure blanket that provides physical and mental comfort and ensures an emotional connection with the garments so that they last long enough to fall in love with them every day.

Each single element is designed to achieve zero waste, which is not just the pattern making technique, but a commitment that the brand follows at 360 degrees: choosing mono-fiber products to facilitate the end of life recycling, including selvedges and avoiding accessories that are difficult to disassemble. Eliminating textile waste during the design phase helps to reduce the use of raw materials which are generally wasted by 15% in the cutting room.

The luxury fabrics used, which can accompany the wearer peacefully from day to night, are the Newlife ™ high-tech polymer of the highest quality, the precious Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei that is GRS and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, the organic and mulesing-free, GOTS certified wool by Zignone, and selections from the Vintage collection by Teseo spa which perfectly embody the values of the circular economy.

 “A Silent Hug” chooses harmonious colors that are introduced as new neutrals, bloodstone, olive, black, pink clay, beige and lilac gray, for a sophisticated and contemporary look. Soft and sinuous shapes that move between seven individual garments, which can be combined and layered to give a different expressive and interpretative freedom to anyone who wears them. Belts to tie, worn both loose and fastened, putting the waist in focus and giving infinite versatility. Short and three-quarter sleeves, just above the elbow, voluminous and exaggeratedly wide. ZEROBARRACENTO allows you to stand out, but within the safe boundaries of a shape and an idea that remains familiar, with a more comfortable and clean appearance.

For the new season the brand has chosen to rely again on the photographer Lucrezia Costa, for a simple, intimate and essential shooting, making different "non models" wear the garments and remaining faithful to the DNA of the brand: A place outside of gender, age and time.