Vernisse was founded in 2019 by Eugenia Penta and Francesca Filipo, willing to breathe new life into precious archive fabrics and accessories. Timeless pieces are reinvented to create an elegant and contemporary wardrobe. The brand aesthetic is deeply influenced by the designers’ roman roots and the Mediterranean atmospheres, defining sentimental imagery made of physical and emotional destinations. A strong bond with Italy together with the desire to speak to an international audience has created a global community of strong and proud women, romantic and deeply rooted. Vernisse’s collections have a familiar atmosphere with a contemporary attitude. It feels like opening a family wardrobe that hides our most loved and desired pieces; a modern elegance that preserves the love for tailored details, precious fabrics, embroideries and unique prints. The brand is willing to maintain this identity through the future, developing collaboration with a closer number of shops and boutique, that share our philosophy, respecting the exclusivity of the garments and the limited production, creating capsule collections with dedicated special fabrics and accessories.