Budapest Central European Showroom

Budapest Central European Showroom è un'agenzia con sede a Budapest creata per promuovere e campione dei marchi di moda ungheresi indipendenti. Il nostro showroom multimarca offre un'impressionante selezione di etichette moderne e contemporanee provenienti da Budapest. Con una selezione di etichette all'avanguardia nel lusso sostenibile, lo showroom è orgoglioso stesso sulla creazione di un'esperienza di acquisto unica nel suo genere. La nostra nuova prospettiva rende BCES una destinazione obbligata per scoprire nuovi talenti della moda.

Budapest Central European Showroom

Address: via Piazza Compasso d'Oro, 1, 20154 Milano MI

General info:


The concept of function developed rapidly since we all experienced a global pandemic. Practicality became a priority not only in our life, but in CUKOVY’S upcoming collection with modular elements, detachable accessories and versatile designasear’olours havvolvento a warmer shade, silhouettes shifted into a loosefitteomfortablhaphiltilepresenting the longed inspiration of future nostalgia. Products are designed and made following these values: sustainability, durability and playfulness. Everything is designed and made in Hungary supporting local craftsmen and suppliers. CUKOVY only works with high quality materials imported from Italy and premium goose down. The narrow producinncluffeacketsoatsests and accessoriesucs hatsithuffers’ exchangeable elements, sleeves and hoods CUKOVY invites customers to play.


Everything you do is the extension of your beauty. This is the philosophy of Elysian. The international fashion award winner designer believes in modern femininity and comfort chic. The Budapest based brand is characterized by sophisticated tailoring, craftmanship, flowing fabrics, self-designed digital prints, hand pleating and transparent layering. In 2019 the brand received the "Vote the One" Award by CameraModa and Camera Buyers Italia.


NINI is the founder and creative director of the eponymous lifestyle and accessories brand. The brand is an extension of Nini’s style and energy. Each piece is inspired by her multicultural life, her memories from her travels, her experiences and her positive life philosophy.


OBSCURE, the AW21 collection carries echoes of both the horror and the beauty of the Hungarian kulaks’ silent history. The loosely enveloping, blanket-like silhouettes and angular shapes trace the figure of a kulak boy. Quilted coats and patched fabrics mirror divided lands depicting disintegration and plunder. Prints designed in collaboration with tattoo artist Dimen Áron are a take on anti-kulak propaganda posters of the period. Striped motif prints are applied on shirts and t-shirts with a patterned paint roller originally used for painting the walls of countryside homes. Resembling barbed wires, the rare pattern emits a dim haze of oppression and anxiety. Gesture-like strokes of paint brushed on by hand give muddy textures to fabrics and adorn the backs of vests reminiscent of the traditional Hungarian “bekecs” coat. Small, well-thought-out details, like snap-buttoned inner pockets and triangle shapes, further elaborate on the distinctive characteristics of peasant clothing. The REMADE collection is a narrative of decomposition with the charred black, russet,wheat beige and green hued colour palette of decay. Each coat is crafted from seven, decades-old velvet headkerchiefs originating from different rural homes, thus combining the remnants of the past into the legacy of the future. Memories of an obscure past fade quickly into the land, leaving only marks behind - but the marks are there to remember by. Inhale the past, exhale the future.