FW 22/23


Sales Campaign:

24.02.22 - 18.03.22



Via Orobia, 34 - Milan




All together in the backstage of a modern theater famous for its events and concerts, to attend a dress rehearsal. Again, an open backstage to participate in the birth of the project: "Before it starts". Ennio Capasa: “I have always worked with the desire to break the boundaries between formal and informal, between day and night, against considering gender as a convention. All the items presented in the collection are genderless and can be purchased in a wide range of sizes. The suits are worn with skirt or trousers, or with both, sportswear with bare legs and dresses with trousers, often fluid. Tailoring and couture at the center of the collection are treated in an unconventional manner. They are often laser-cut and heat-sealed with techniques borrowed from sportswear and enriched by sartorial interventions on the sleeves or in the lapels. On the contrary, sportswear is built with tailoring techniques. I worked on individuality. Each interpreter of the show has a personal attitude, tells a story about him. With make-up, hairstyle, jewellery or the garment itself, creatively customized but without excessive styling. The prints and jacquards represent animals from my original drawings and paintings dedicated to safeguarding the "CAPASA for earth" ecosystem. In some cases they have been "hacked" by my staff, printed on fluorescent patches applied to blazers or jackets. The materials and manufacturing are sourced according to the main criteria of environmental and social sustainability. I have often applied circular economy criteria to my creations and events in the past.