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Paolo Pecora

Paolo Pecora, founded in 2006 in Milan by designer and entrepreneur Paolo Pecora, is a clothing company focused on Menswear and Kidswear, a specialist in knitwear. Paolo Pecora's mission is an idea of luxury accessible through well-made products to be worn and loved for a long time.


Founded in Venice in 1951, Incotex elevates the trousers to the undisputed star of the wardrobe. Pants made of noble fibers such as cotton, wool and linen treated with constantly evolving techniques to give life to garments with a unique fit. Quality and style from the Italian signature.


Man's knitwear



MC2 Saint Barth

The costumes that have conquered Italy and the World


Moschino beachwear and underwear


Man's style


The first Italian denim

Iceberg Beachwear

Iceberg, born in 1974, immediately marks the sportswear. During these 40 years of life he expands his collections without losing his individuality: clean, fashionable, for all ages and always spectacular, with excellent price quality.

Karl Lagerfeld Beschwer

Swimwear and models wonderfully crafted from fine fabrics and materials. Beachwear by KARL defines the silhouette with a bold touch.


The history of TATRAS begins in 2006 as a great entrepreneurial dream. In just 10 years, the brand carved out its own space in the international high-end down jackets market, developing a perfect synergy between product, communication and distribution. In the early years TATRAS committed itself to the recognition of the brand in its native Japan and established itself in the best department stores in that country. The next step was to undertake the internalization of the brand with the opening of a showroom in Milan to optimize distribution in Italy and abroad. TATRAS then saw the growing appreciation worldwide of its products developing and strengthening in new markets to become a large presence in Europe, USA, Far East as well as in Italy and Japan. Today TATRAS has three single-brand stores in Asia and one in Europe. The first, characterized by a contemporary and essential style, was inaugurated in October 2004 in a refined and elegant setting in the precious Aoyama district of Tokyo, where you can find the most famous fashion houses. After just one year, the Osaka flagship store opened in October 2015, in the heart of the prestigious district of Umeda. The store is located inside the Breeze Breeze building and the style of the entire area is similar to the Tokyo store. At the end of February 2018, Tatras opened its first store in the West, choosing Milan as the first showcase in the European market. The space, located inside the fashion district in via Spiga 3, presents the Japanese minimalism of the brand in a western key, with an international result that is always one of the characteristics of the brand. Finally, in March 2018, the last store in the Land of the Rising Sun was opened to the public. The store is located inside the new and impressive Midtown Hibiya building, a new shopping destination in the Japanese capital.

Antonio Croce

The brand Antonio Croce was born from the desire of providing women with perfect-fit and detailed clothes. Perfectionism and initiative combined with creativity and passion are the main elements that characterize this brand thought for modern and sophisticated women.Each creation is expression of the best Made in Italy, the perfect union between technique and refined materials.


Fisico has been able to individualize a completely new niche of the market called Beach Couture. It stands out from other beachwear with its high quality of the materials, of the process with sequins application, gaskets and decorations with Swarovski crystals. The brand advantage of the first mover and at the same time the effectiveness of their entrepreneurial formula, of the products aspects, images and distribution, allowed to Fisico to achieve and thus maintain the leadership of this market segment.


Designed and entirely made in Italy, FRASE is the result of the artistic collaboration between Francesca Severi and Loma S.p.a. The knitting factory is specialized in the development and production of innovative garments, which stand out for the bold combinations of the materials and the uniqueness of the manufacturing techniques. Francesca Severi creates modern and dynamic collections, which speak to a confident woman, daughter of the times and determined to interpret fashion through a contemporary and feminine perspective.


"Garments are like fragments of something bigger, something hidden that has to be discovered. They always get the effect of upsetting and attracting us in an exciting and sensual experience”. Anna Maria Fuzzi Fuzzi, an historic brand born in Cattolica in 1954, is a prêt-à-porter company with a long tradition of high-end products, specializing in knitwear and jersey garments. For over sixty years the brand has created collections characterized by taste and high quality, to which important designers have contributed with their creative flair. The Fuzzi collections are designed for a woman who, in the clamor of fashion, is looking for a point of reference, an image, a style that is both new and recognizable, based on classic elements such as precious materials, but enriched with fantasy and experiments that reinvest his individuality and enhance its natural elegance.


Elegance and sophistication are two must for a woman who likes to wear Lanacaprina in every moment of the day. The style of the collection is suitable for many occasions, a cocktail, a business meeting, an evening gala, or an event in an exclusive metropolis. The Lanacaprina brand was founded in 2014, work of an experienced company in the fashion industry. Made in Italy it is distributed in over 400 of Italy’s best boutiques and worldwide.

Le Tricot Perugia

LE TRICOT PERUGIA is synonymous with uncompromising quality, craftsmanship, tradition and fashion that is in step with the times in the field of women’s clothing. Founded in 1975 as a company specialising in the production of knitwear, over the years the company, as well as the brand, has become a manufacturer and supplier of a Total Look. In addition to our knitwear, quality woven garments for women complete our collections. A clear statement of high added value and entrepreneurial culture. All of our raw materials, from the yarn to individual accessories, are purchased in Italy. The entire production takes place partly at the company headquarters in Perugia, and in part, at nearly 120 small workrshops throughout the Umbrian territory. One of the fundamental assets of the brand is represented by a chain of production that operates under conditions that respect the environment, and where only natural yarns are used. The yarns and fabrics all come from the best Italian suppliers and the brand is known as one of the largest consumers of linen and cashmere in the Italian raw materials market. The management of quality at LE TRICOT PERUGIA ensures, on a daily basis, that this philosophy be respected in every way. The region of Umbria and the producers within its territory are highly respected for their quality, tradition and craftsmanship, both nationally and internationally. The precision and excellent quality of our goods and customer service is entrusted to some forty employees who work at the headquarters in Perugia, the staff of our seat based in Germany and to more than 120 workshops and free-lance contractors throughout Umbria.

Manuel Del Rei

Manuel Del Rei is not just a fashion brand, it wants to be a project born with a strongly made in Italy imprinting, from a 0 km production chain, from a constant research, meticulous, capillary, scrupulous on details and finishes, on what it is not only an aesthetic / creative expression but also in what makes a garment perfect in terms of wearability.

Maria Bellentani

Maria Bellentani is the last chapter of a tradition called Ann Max. Historic brand born in Modena by Lucia and Enzo Colombini. It was the 70s: the dream of the company was great but the desire to succeed even more. Since then, they have never abandoned the path of innovation, export and experimentation.

Raffaella D'Angelo

Synonymous with an inspired and instilled talent, her ability to create an intense relationship with beauty allows her to convey emotions and marvel through her creations that are the genesis of a impetuous and solemn feeling.


313 is a brand shaped on customers demand. In a moment when it’s so important for fashion to respond to people actual taste and concrete necessities, reduce unnecessary waste at all levels (creative/productive) and encourage responsible consumption in both creators and customers, we believe that shared knowledge is the key. Gathering ethical data from streetwear and fashion communities all over Europe about new generations outlook on outerwear, helped us bringing our vision to reality. The collection aims to be a contemporary outtake on outerwear classics, with a focus on quality/price ratio. Physical and cultural longevity were also taken in serious consideration during the creative process, in order to give life to a product made to last in both senses.


Brandina enhances and exports the Italian seaside culture to the world. The cheerfulness, the positivity and the pleasantness of the "feel good" are the key principles of the Brandina philosophy that offers a fun and quality product. All the world Brandina is enclosed in the Brandina Shops and e-commerce and with customers comes a relationship that lasts over time and does not end with the purchase. Wearing a Brandina bag means living an idea, a story and an exclusive way of facing life!

Emanuela Caruso

Through the expert hands of the artisans of Campania and with a special eye to creative innovation, these shoes are born with a retro and unique soul. With jewels that create a vintage atmosphere, these Made in Italy sandals reflect the footwear tradition of the island of Capri.


Behind every handmade object there is the commitment and art of a master craftsman, but there is also the history and culture of a place and of its people. An object made by hand will always remain something unique and unrepeatable. Irregularities and imperfections are the distinctive features that enhance the handcrafted piece. The processing times change respect to the frenzy of industry and serial production; here the realization of an object requires the right time, a time that expands. The refinement of the shapes, the quality of the raw materials are the characteristics that embellish the products of our world. Constant research and final assembly in Italy allows us to apply cutting-edge processes with the help of technologies and resources that in local cultures were and sometimes are unthinkable. The high technical finish quality of each piece is one of the objectives of the transformation work, the element that gives to these pieces the status of an hybrid, unique and special. The noMades are pieces that preserve the memory of their history but carry with them the value of the refined and contemporary finishes “made in Italy”. During our professional experience we have been able to ascertain that luxury is really such not only thanks to precious raw materials or the historical prestige of a brand, but also and above all thanks to the craftsmanship, time and dedication necessary to create the highest quality goods. In other words, luxury indicates an aesthetic model that is recognized in the exceptional nature, uniqueness and rarity of the product. A work created with patience, dedication, with exceptional craftsmanship, with obsessive attention to every detail… this requires time and passion; and these are precisely the requirements that define its value. Having the privilege of wearing pieces built according to ancestral criteria and living a rare and unique aesthetic experience. The value of the object is no longer defined by the brand but by its intrinsic value of work and know-how. Of course when you create according to this philosophy you necessarily have a great sensitivity for the hand-made. Over time we have become increasingly aware of what it means to create a “well-made” garment and we consider the ethical aspect of its production to be of fundamental importance. Recognizing the importance of man, of the individual and of his experience, cultural and aesthetic, within the process of creation and construction of the asset, we automatically recognize the importance of the individual and of his cognitive heritage in the chain of value. This inevitably leads us to make targeted choices and to recognize the centrality of man in our company. Sustainability is not an empty word, but in this perspective it represents the heart of the luxury goods production process.

Moschino Accessories

Moschino Umbrellas

Freedom Moses


SPEKTRE is a sunglasses brand based in Milan and born in 2009. During these years, Spektre Sunglasses have caught the eye of many Stylists, Designers, Buyers, Top Models, Fashion Editors, and Bloggers. Spektre is now sold in the world’s most cutting-edge boutiques in over 56 countries. Elegance and Street Style is the perfect mix behind all the Spektre’s collections. Iconic shades that enhance the unconventional side of one’s personality, and chosen by fashionistas as the latest must-have fashion accessory. Spektre is for people who dress to kill, who love to combine elegance and design with humor, as well as originality with impeccable taste and quality. Spektre accurately oversees the entire production process, with a special attention to innovation, design, shapes, details, materials and colors. The result is an exclusive product of premium quality with an original style and proudly Made in Italy. With infinite styles, Spektre Sunglasses are made for every occasions: from sunbathing in the Caribbean, to skiing in the Alps or taking a walk around a metropolitan city. Spektre’s collections are available in selected opticians and in the best boutiques all over the world. Spektre Sunglasses, the iconic frames for those who like to dare.