Together For Tomorrow

Together for Tomorrow was launched as a special initiative under CNMIs’ project “Italia we are with you" in response to the crisis caused by the global pandemic emergency. The project, realised and coordinated by CNMI and Camera Moda Fashion Trust, has been raising fund that will be invested in supporting the new generation of designers “Made in Italy”.

During global pandemic emergency, the role of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana has become clearer than ever: to understand the needs of the fashion industry players and respond promptly with concrete and effective initiatives. It is CNMI's firm belief that, in planning for the future, younger generations must not be disregarded. For this reason, CNMI and Camera Moda Fashion Trust are dedicating this project entirely to supporting them.

Born as a response to the emergency, the project Together for Tomorrow will be ongoing because we believe that the new generation of designers is the pulsating heart of creativity and should hold a central role in the fashion system.

Here today are 11 young brands, selected to represent the many designers of Together for Tomorrow.






Giuliva Heritage


Tiziano Guardini

Twins Florence