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20121 Milan, Italy

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Fall Winter 2021/22

For Borsalino Fall Winter 2021/22, Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci tackles themes of contemporaneity through the creative lens of art. A collection inspired heavily by the Arts & Crafts design movement with its well-defined symbols and stylistic features, it also contemplates a personal inner retrospective and need to reconnect with nature, while giving added value to authenticity and savoir-faire through a homage to past recollections and memories. Hats today are no longer designed with the sole purpose to cover one’s head, but now offer that mirrored opportunity to uncover and reflect one’s personal style and soul. Borsalino Fall Winter 2020/22 is phrased to reflect this single creed: “True luxury is not only feeling good about oneself, but it also about making others feel good.”