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Les Petits Joueurs was founded in Florence in 2013 by the family duo Mariasole and Andrea Cecchi, bringing to the fashion industry a whole new world of vibrant aesthetics and building a global cult status.

Fun, Chic and Recognisable.

Les Petits Joueurs is a thriving luxury handbag brand that shakes up the familiar aesthetics of a

purse into a quirky, lively, statement piece. Founded in 2013 in Florence - Italy, by the family duo

Mariasole and Andrea Cecchi, the brand brought to the fashion industry a whole new world of

vibrant aesthetics, building a global cult status.

LPJ’s signature thrives in the use of unique materials and refreshingly modern designs. Ideas are

then brought to life by Florentine craftsman, creating bags of impeccable quality. Pop elegance and

product excellence have since become pillars of a brand.Available in 145 countries, LPJ is currently

placed in 200 of the most prestigious stores, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Level Shoes, Luisa

Via Roma, and La Rinascente.

LPJ’s unmistakable designs have resulted in an outpour of features in the likes of Vogue, L’Officiel,

Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire. The creations also repeatedly top the list of most

photographed accessory during international Fashion Weeks, becoming one of the most sought

after brands among world renowned celebrities, bloggers, and influencers.

In 2016, an iconic piece from the brand’s SS16 collection was selected to be permanently displayed

at Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam.



Soon after his graduation, Alexandre Vauthier joined the design studio of Thierry Mugler, who supported him and taught him thoroughness of the construction of the garment. Later he joined Jean-Paul Gaultier as Head Designer of the couture collection. This 8 year long experience boosted his desire to fully express himself through his proper collection. His professional collaborations in Japan, several journeys in the USA extends his creative universe, already very strong. He launches his brand in 2009. His natural need of preciseness and rigor and his radical cuts is expressed through a style inspired by his chic French culture. He is quickly supported by the media, couture clients and international celebrities. This year his creative universe extends through different artistic collaborations; ready–to-wear, costumes, perfume, music and interior design


BRANDBenedetta Bruzziches is a unique reality. A family-driven creative and productive company growing quickly with the mission of redefining the value of “Made in Italy”. We create art objects, luxury bags in particular, which aim to recover the endangered artisanal realities and bring the work back to Italy of small villages with an impact on the environment that is as kind as possible. The workplace is in the beautiful Caprarola, in a bucolic and natural context, that you could take a chance to visit if you pass by


In 1927 the first Castañer workshop was founded, since then we have turned a popular form of footwear into a sophisticated product closely associated with design and fashion. Our encounter with Yves Saint Laurent in the ‘70s made history in the world of fashion, and together we created the first-ever wedge espadrille. Today, after 90 years, our product has a worldwide reach, but our essence continues being as authentic as it was in 1927: tradition, craftsmanship and natural materials. Despite its popular roots, this shoe is a fashion symbolthat has conquered countless celebrities in the star system: charismatic artists, actors, models and aristocrats around the world have worn our espadrilles.


About Manebí An Italian footwear and beachwear brand founded in 2013 by Antonello Benati and Vera Drossopulo, Manebí has transformed espadrilles into modern style icons. Handmade by skilled Iberian craftsmen using centuries-old traditions and only the highest quality fabrics, Manebí has breathed new life into a form of footwear traditionally associated with Spanish culture by interpreting and anticipating market trends and paying close attention to consumer needs. Since 2019, Manebí completed its summer brand lifestyle offer with the launch of beachwear. Embodied by the same high-quality manufacturing and travel-oriented philosophy, Manebí beachwear is for the modern, multitasking woman who travels with a few key pieces that take her seamlessly from day tonight.


A devotion to extensive research of the history of clubwear and desire to escape the shallowness of luxury has been at the forefront of MISBHV’s design philosophy since its founding in 2015 by creative director Natalia Maczek. Exploring the intersection of fashion and the 90’s underground the Poland based collective with previous ties to Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Arts paint a landscape of roughness, fun, nostalgia, and futurism in a subversive marriage of quiet nuance of luxury and philosophical frame of streetwear striking a chord throughout the global underground with eclectic means of conversation. From critically acclaimed debut at Paris Fashion Week to releasing vinyl records from heavyweights DJ Hell and Wolfram on its own namesake label MISBHV is moving at the forefront of the cool. Always crafting its products in Poland from carefully selected Italian materials, close to home and heart, MISBHV retains its unapologetic authenticity whilst looking outwards to the next relevant move forward. An array of club-ready engineered knitwear, futuristic but luxurious footwear and industrial leather bags stand alongside Matrix era vegan leather tailoring and silk shirting weaving together a story of extravagance, love, and rebellion.


MSGM is a fashion brand that was created in 2009 by Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with Paoloni Group. The womenswear, menswear and accessories collections are designed by Massimo Giorgetti, and made entirely in Italy by Paoloni Group who garantees high standards for both development and fnal manufacturing. Distribution of the RTW lines is entrusted to Showroom Riccardo Grassi, while the Massimo Bonini showroom deals with accessories. A pronounced ability to spot a trend, and a young and motivated team: these are MSGM's winning cards, as it sets out at a delicate moment in history. It is a simple mix: always up to date, and constant new sources of inspiration, starting from contemporary art and music. Massimo Giorgetti knows how to combine his passions with all the most innovative aesthetic and artistic expressions of the digital world. The outcome is a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and lines that inexorably capture the public's attention, making MSGM one of the most intriguing fashion brands of the moment. People who buy MSGM know they can express themselves in complete freedom, with a touch of creativity which is completely personal and almost irreverent. Since its frst collection in spring-summer 2010, MSGM has enjoyed success with the media, buyers and the public. “Vogue Talents” has identifed it as one of the best emerging collections and the brand is a fnalist in the “Who's on next?” competition for new fashion talents. The frst MSGM fagship store was opened in 2013 in Via Ponte Vetero, in the heart of the Brera area in Milan. The concept was inspired by the brand's DNA: an installation of contemporary visual art. It served as a trailblazer for the format which has subsequently been exported throughout the world. In 2015 two mono-brand MSGM stores were opened: the frst, in May, in Paterson Street in Hong Kong, and the second in April, in the Dubai Mall in Dubai. In addition to these important new openings, a shop-in-shop was opened in the Takashimaya Mall in Singapore. 2016 saw fve openings: Ometasando in Tokyo in March; City Walk 2 in Dubai in April; Pacifc Place in Hong Kong in June; and in September, Parisian Mall in Macau, and also Sanlitun in Beijing. In 2017 was set to be packed with new openings. Retail development in the Asian market continues with the inauguration in October of the frst store in Shanghai inside the REEL department store, and the opening of a new corner in Seoul, the starting point for a larger development plan over the next few years. Also MSGM opened the frst MSGM corner in Italy, at La Rinascente in Milan, which will be followed by that in the new La Rinascente store in Rome, in Via del Tritone. The MSGM collections are also available in over 600 multibrand stores, department stores and e-commerce sites worldwide. In February 2018 the private equity fund STYLE CAPITAL signs an investment agreement to take over a share of MSGM Srl, Massimo Giorgetti will continue to play the role of artistic and creative director of the brand.


Following the path traced by the ss 21 collection, O’Keeffe continues its search for essentiality. Designer Paolo Zengarini created a range with clean, pure lines that are timeless. All flourishes and embellishments have been stripped away. Each design is distinguished by a unique, bold trait. The past and future collide in this collection. The tradition of artisanal craft meets contemporary desires for simplicity, and the result is authentic originality. O’Keeffe has experimented with volume and proportion to create something completely different, like the new sneakers, with their innovative natural rubber sole, and the dynamic ios line, with thick, asymmetric soles that combine functionality and design.


Sebastian is born in a small but well-known workshop located in via Gesù, in the heart of Milan, winning the confidence of the gentlewomen of the Milanese middle-class who chose tailor made models to be worn in the most special events. Today, Sebastian Milano still produces strictly handmade products, counting on the productive knowledge and mastery of the artisans that work in the production plant in Parma. Today as then, Sebastian Milano footwear combines the excellence of Italian craftmanship with elegance and sophistication.


BRAND PRESENTATION- SI ROSSI-13/07/2020 Sì Rossi is a new exclusive line with an ultra glam attitude, for the woman who breaks the rules and loves to play with style, embracing irony and lightness. Sì Rossi is the statement of a confident and modern femininity: sandals, pumps and mules made unique thanks to a new sculpture heel, a manifesto of the know-how and craftsmanship of the historic footwear brand Sergio Rossi, which factory, located in San Mauro Pascoli, is behind the design and production of the entire collection. The models presented alternate single- sole models and hyper high platforms inspired by the ‘70. The square but slightly rounded tip is the Sergio Rossi’s design signature who boldly proposes a chromatic palette with classic earth tones, such as leather, skin and black, which light up to the vibrant colors of lacquer red, light denim and acid green. The logo winks at the historical archive, taking inspiration from the already existing brand, flanked by the iconic shoe from 1969 and which today is re-proposed on the insole with the mold technique. On sale at a selection of top wholesalers worldwide, Sì Rossi will be available from December 2020.


Sophia Webster is a British Designer Footwear & Accessories brand founded in 2012 She created a globally recognized aesthetic and unique handwriting. Her designs are known for being feminine, unique, and imaginative. The collections are diverse, with both fashion-forward and classic styles, which appeal to a wide range of women. The products are hand finished with a high level of craftsmanship


Souvenir of a season yet to come Sportmax is innovation. Groundbreaking. Femininity. The evolution is projecting the Brand through a new form of seduction. New elements now contaminate its DNA: shapes adorn the silhouette; evidenced necklines; asymmetric shoulders and pleated effects. The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection evokes a surreal cinematic landscape or the fantasy surrounding a sensual hot summer day by the pool. Not surprisingly the SS21 Collection is inspired by “La Piscine”, the iconic movie directed by Jacques Deray in 1969. The main character, Romy Schneider, is a muse with a sensual and unconventional appeal. The flavour is retro-casual, with a hyper-contemporary twist. The garment design defines shapes with a disruptive and newly found energy. The sartorial heritage is innovated: jumpsuits, pants and jackets, tops and shirts with essential and linear shapes. Feminine cuts, fading but structured pleats, belts that delineate the waist and languid details breathe fresh air into the collection. Bold combination of colours and textures are a key element. Strong dyes alternate with delicate shades creating a contrasting effect. Floral prints and graphic patterns with a vintage influence blend in a contemporary remix. Accessories create a breach into the essential style of the collection with their strong colours and shapes: high and seductive shoes with large and sculptured heels, maxi and sporty-designed bags with fluorescent details and eyewear with minimalistic and sharp designs. This is how rules are rewritten.


THEMOIRè is a project born with the aim of generating a positive change for people and for our planet, creating a brand with the least possible environmental impact , ethical and ecologically responsible, with particular attention to functional elegance and quality. THEMOIRè owes its name to the mythological Moires, the Greek goddesses incarnations of destiny, they controlled the mother thread of life. << JUST AS “THE MOIRES” ORCHESTRATED THE DESTINY OF PEOPLE, WE WOULD LIKE TO SEW THE SEAMS OF A MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE>>The


July 2020, Milan – The joy of a kiss, the beauty of the wind in your hair, the serenity of the sunset, the hope of dawn, the wonderful sound of the sea, the sweet madness of colors, the inexorability of nature: the Joie de vivre. These are the emotions that inspired and pushed the creations of Sara Battaglia's new Spring / Summer 21 collections, realised through the use of new special materials, new functions of use and new prints designed by Sara's free hand. Special weaves of satin and straw in combination with the use of PVC are the basis of the reinterpretation of the iconic Plissè bucket bag, from this season also in an XS size variation for multi use, such as belt bag, crossbody, or as a necklace. Refined processes such as the frayed eco-leather net for the new Rita bag. A rain of studs enriches the Toujours tote, whose body is made up of floating bands recalling the waves of the sea. The concept of suit played down by Macramè is also represented in the bags through a perforated white leather design for the new Lara bag and the iconic Paris tote. White as the color of the new Tati day-bag, where glamour and functionality meet each other, thus enhancing one of the key and recurring themes of the brand. The sound of the sea whilst bare feet, awaiting to be put on, the shoes, echoing the revealing and conquering gate of the woman when she wears them. From the Capri sandals that show the bare foot only dressed in a chain cutout, or the Elda , the new flat loafer, with the iconic First Date offering heels options from 5 to 55, 90 and 105, refined by the new Sweet Bow embellished with sparkling crystals. More for Spring but also for Summer for those who dare, the Belgravia printed tights boots with 105 heel, the Spiga flat, which together with the Elvira slave sandal boldly represent the DNA of the collection. In the midst of this whirlwind of colors and special techniques, the first freehand drawn print by Sara was born, with the intent of representing a dance of joy for the freedom of life. Developed in three colors: Sunset yellow, Mojito green and Ocean blue. From these materials, allover dresses, Bermuda shorts, shirts, shoes come to life, mixing some more comfortable creations with others more constructed, thus playing on the contrast and highlighting that femininity that is always the brand's reference point. This season also highlighted through theuse of colors like pastel yellow, pink, turquoise, blue, white and even stripes. The collections are derived from the strong desire to offer garments that are truly identifying and that exude the main aesthetic canons of the brand, but also that bring to light those main values that have always inspired the designer: a life to be lived with joy, genuinity and elegance, in the name of an all-Italian glamour and in the modern awareness of respect for sustainability which everyone must comply and which for us means producing 100% in Italy. It is therefore, with love for her work and total genuinity, that Sara decided to shoot her creations for the first time for this season, in one of the most iconic Italian locations such as Forte dei Marmi.

 The longing to be loved and to love.

A sensuality that is never explicit. A studied elegance that plays with shapes and colours.

A woman who smiles as she gets dressed.Sara Battaglia’s Aesthetic is a refined expression of Sophisticated Femininity and Modern Luxury, fully Designed and Made in Italy.

Internationally renowned for the use of Vibrant Colors combined with a Sharp Tailoring, the Brand provides a Glamorous yet Chic Attire.

Clothing and Bags are sold internationally in the Most Influential Luxury Stores in the World.

From the International Celebrity to the Everyday Woman, there is a Common Thing: Sara Battaglia makes Them feel Good Looking.

In 2018, the Company was Awarded by the Italian Fondazione Altagamma as the “Best Emerging Brand” in Italy for the Fashion Category