MRZ is the fashion brand estabilished in 2012 by the Italian company Maglificio Tomas, founded in 1974 by the Marziali's family. MRZ introduces a contemporary proposal where sportswear elements meet femininity and tailoring, together with an unusual use of knit, the DNA of the brand. Quality. Details. Colours. Shapes. Made in Italy in an international key. Ability to speak in the present. This is MRZ.

Maglificio Tomas S.r.l.
Via Sacconi, 1 | 63900 FERMO (FM)
P.Iva/Cod.Fisc: IT00179210448
Cod. Univoco. J6URRTW



25th February - 11th March 2022



Tomorrow Ltd

Via Archimede, 26 - 20129 Milan, Italy



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MRZ’s collection takes inspiration from interior architecture and combines the classical style with the material dimension, creating a contemporary elegance full of visual contrasts. In an imaginary atmosphere the essential and minimalist design blends with patterns stolen from furnishing elements, creating a chorus of dissonances that coexist in perfect harmony with each other. The expressive language of MRZ is inspired by private, physical and virtual environments: the distinction between home-office has vanished as well as that between home-gym, home-cinema, home-shop. Homes are transformed into places of life, work and encounter. MRZ evokes the strength of matter and the power of simplicity to create a balance between practicality and refinement, functionality and femininity. Sartorial charm and sporty comfort come together, generating an original overlapping of elements in perfect harmony with each other and with the surrounding environment. Knitwear is the true protagonist of this collection: the beating heart of the brand, coming out of the classic canons and, through elaborate stitches, jacquards, unusual volumes, combinations of different textures and structures, returning MRZ's comfort attitute without sacrificing the sophistication. The suits with a masculine allure, entirely made of knit, are the strong point of the brand and make the MRZ image modern and suitable for many different occasions. The essential garments are revisited in a contemporary key and made with fibers with noble compositions, starting with cashmere. In contrast to the knitwear proposal, there is a somewhat rough-looking fabric and eco-leather, a texture that refers to design objects and which, through unusual inserts and cuts, completes the vision of the brand. Unusual suggestions, stolen from the interiors, are also proposed in the textures and stitches while a “casentino” finish or a floating yarn effect enhances the three-dimensionality of the material. The Fall / Winter 2022/23 collection is created inside a capsule linked to the world of sportswear, where the use of pleats, extreme volumes and zip details become decorative elements and underline the concept of a "relaxed elegance". The abstract tones, taken from furniture and interior upholstery, are also found in the color chart: beige, anthracite, clay, blue, shades of burgundy and black are mostly used in a monochromatic way or treated in contrast. Bright and lively shades of denim blue and green embellish the ensemble. In a moment of continuous uncertainty and desire for change, the FW22 / 23 collection acts as the mirror of this situation, poised between present and future, between classic and avant-garde, between certainty and progress.


Sales Campaign: 25/02 - 11/03


Showroom: Via Archimede, 26 - 20129 Milan, Italy


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The Spring Summer 2022 collection offers a moment of suspension from the happenings and frenzy of everyday life through a contact with nature and the sea. MRZ aims to enhance the brand's iconic garments that convey lightness and serenity through a feeling of comfort, watchword of the collection, guaranteed even in the most constructed garments. The SS22 wardrobe is made up of essential, welcoming and refined garments: suits with a masculine allure, completely knitted, shirts with linen inserts or cut-out dresses, pleats and lurex details. Knitwear, the DNA of the Brand, is the protagonist of the collection and through experimental and three-dimensional processes, flat wefts that replace the fabric and showy monochromatic looks, it wants to tell the vision of MRZ. The more elaborate knits can also be combined with the materiality of the fabric with a compact hand and less formal appearance. Inside the collection also focuses on an interpretation of sportswear in an MRZ key, developed entirely in knits for an easy-chic look, through abundant volumes and unexpected combinations of knit and nylon. The colors are full, compact and follow soft nuances such as green sage, blue, beige and white that blend with more intense ones such as brown and black. The SS22 collection wants to offer the MRZ woman an elegant proposal without sacrificing comfort, a feeling that makes each garment versatile and suitable for different occasions.


Sales Campaign: 25/09 - 8/10

Showroom: Via Archimede, 26 - 20129 Milan, Italy

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