MYTHS, an Italian brand specializing in the production of men's and women's trousers, began its journey in 2010 and stands out for its reinterpretation of easywear thanks to continuously experimenting collections of fabrics, colors, shapes and wearability. Each Myths garment is made with the utmost care in each production phase characterized by the search for fine materials, experimental workmanship and attention to detail, without ever giving up one's own stylistic code. Using lighter fabrics such as cool wool, over the years the brand has developed an innovative processing method, which has now become the signature of the brand internationally. Myths was among the first in the world to produce cool garment-dyed wool with a vintage effect. In a process in constant evolution and experimentation, in which the wool is dyed before being washed, MYHTS garments have a vintage and timeless flavor. During the production process, these features are then associated and enriched with more casual and sporty cuts, making men's and women's trousers unique.



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